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Welcome to the AFMC Wellness Support Center

This site supports an Air Force initiative to enhance civilian support services, expanding Civilian Health Promotion Services (CHPS) from an AFMC legacy program to a pilot program at AMC.  The website offers FREE resources for Federal Civilian Employees and Active Duty Members at AFMC and AMC Installations.

AFMC:  Arnold, Edwards, Eglin, Hanscom, Hill, Rome, Robins, Tinker and Wright-Patterson

AMC:  Dover, Fairchild, JB Charleston, JB Lewis-McChord, JB McGuire, Little Rock, MacDill, Pope, Scott and Travis

After you log in, the website allows you to access tools (e.g. articles, quizzes, activity logs) to help you reach your health goals.  Common health goals are eating better, being more active, or losing weight.  You will also learn about activities that CHPS staff provide at your base*, like wellness screenings and health education classes.

Create an account and/or log into: 
  • Complete your HRA Wellness Profile (a 20-minute online survey that gives you a 'snapshot' of your health)
  • Access your CRP results (cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure numbers)
  • View your base's calendar of health education classes
  • Learn how to participate in the next special initiative (e.g. weight-loss challenge, physical activity challenge)
  • Get contact information for your local CHPS office
*Level of CHPS services dependent upon civilian employee population size

NOTE: All material and information presented by this site is intended to be used for educational purposes only. The information on this site is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease.

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